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1916 McCall Landing NE
Calgary, AB
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226, 230 8th Ave SW
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Applied Research at SAIT

The research teams and facilities at SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services respond to the innovation needs of industry with a fast, focused and flexible model, both within its existing mature research areas and emerging, industry-driven disciplines. SAIT has 450,000 sq. ft. available for applied research projects.

SAIT’s research themes and centres include:

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Reimagining Healthcare Using New and Emerging Technologies 

With industry expertise, cutting-edge research facilities and future-focused equipment, polytechnics are preparing students for workplaces of today and tomorrow.  Technology-enhanced learning does more than teach hands-on skills in a threat-neutral setting.  It ensures graduates are comfortable with and able to embrace emerging technologies – a critical future-ready skillset across sectors. 

As part of their efforts to expose students to new technology and ideas, researchers at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology are working with other institutions and healthcare organizations in Alberta on innovative ways to deliver medical supplies and COVID-19 test kits using drones.  The project is testing larger drones – the size of a small helicopter – able to carry up to 45 kilograms and smaller ones that can carry lightweight medical supplies, like portable ultrasound devices.  The pilot has attracted global recognition from the World Health Organization, which is interested in the potential to deliver critical medical supplies to remote communities. 

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