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polytechnics are responding to the COVID-19 crisis by throwing their full weight behind a wide variety of response efforts

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Canada’s polytechnics are contributing to Canada’s carbon-neutral future in three important ways. LEARN MORE!

an institution of higher education providing technical, applied, hands-on learning; offering applied degrees, diplomas, certificates and apprenticeship training; fuelling business innovation with applied research expertise

Our Priorities for Canada’s Growth

Our policy advocacy revolves around federal priorities where polytechnic education is best positioned to offer impactful solutions. Strong connections to and partnerships with employers mean our members are developing the innovation-enabled talent Canada needs.

Word on the Tweet

Tomorrow is #WorldHoneybeeDay! #DYK @KwantlenU offers the only Commercial Beekeeping program in North America through @KPU_CPS, designed to address the shortage of beekeepers in British Columbia.

.@FanshaweCollege's Respiratory Therapy Advanced Diploma program uses modern clinical labs and hands-on experiences to prepare learners for the realities of work as specialized healthcare practitioners. Read more: https://www.fanshawec.ca/programs/rst4-respiratory-therapy/next

They are well on their way to protect students and staff at RRC. Thanks for the tour. https://twitter.com/polycan/status/1293986493220950017

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