Polytechnics Canada develops materials that highlight the contributions of our member institutions on a wide range of issues and national challenges. Our goal is to showcase how Canada’s polytechnics are serving their local communities – including both students and businesses – and how these efforts contribute to a better Canada.

As we develop and promote evidence-based solutions and advice to federal policymakers, our inspiration is drawn from the ability of our members to make Canada more innovative, productive and globally competitive. To do so, polytechnics nurture a multi-disciplinary talent pipeline and enable business innovation through applied research. They are proving that post-secondary education can be dynamic, flexible and responsive to emerging requirements. The proof is in the stories and examples emerging from our member institutions themselves.

Among the issues we focus on:

  • The value of applied education, including the ability to provide industry-relevant work-integrated learning opportunities to students across a breadth of programs
  • Meeting Canada’s environmental sustainability targets through on-campus carbon-neutral and zero-waste initiatives, developing a talent pipeline with “green skills” and a sustainability mindset, and through applied research that helps businesses achieve their environmental goals
  • Showcasing how cutting-edge equipment, modern training spaces and inspiring mentors are preparing the next generation of skilled tradespeople as they make their way through apprenticeship technical training
  • How applied research helps address the needs of business partners looking to boost productivity, prepares an innovation-enabled talent pipeline and addresses the country’s big challenges, including healthcare, the environment and the global food chain
  • The requirement for lifelong learning, helping mid-career workers upskill as skills needs evolve or retrain when they are displaced from the workforce

As acknowledged leaders in Canadian higher education, polytechnics are leading the way.