Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating Diversity

Polytechnic institutions are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive place to study and work.  Recognizing that the learning environment is enriched by those of various backgrounds and abilities, institutions offer a host of programs and services to meet the needs of the students and communities they serve.

Making Space for Canada’s Indigenous Learners

Polytechnic institutions have a strong focus on Indigenous skills and training.  They provide a variety of services to enhance the student experience and remove barriers to success, including dedicated spaces on campus.  Campus supports may include an Elder in residence, social and cultural events, tutoring and study services, Indigenous entrepreneurship supports and programs developed specifically for Indigenous learners.  Learn more

Encouraging International Citizenship

Polytechnic students are benefitting from the international reach of their institutions, both by studying alongside international students and by sending Canadian students for experiences abroad.  Polytechnic partnerships with multi-national companies and foreign institutions create opportunities for global citizenship.  With internationally recognized programs and credentials, polytechnic graduates are ready to take on the world.  Learn more

Gender Equity

Polytechnic institutions have embraced the challenge of creating opportunities for women in fields where they continue to be under-represented, including the skilled trades, engineering occupations and other advanced technology careers.  Institutions offer summer camps, open houses and special programs reserved for women in an effort to build interest, confidence and skills in fields still dominated by men.  Learn more

2SLGBTQI+ Inclusion

Any effort to build an environment supportive of equity, diversity and inclusion needs to consider the needs of the 2SLGBTQI+ community.  Polytechnic institutions are leading the way, showing their support in tangible ways that include Pride-themed celebrations, gender-neutral restrooms and clubs designed to support people regardless of how they identify.  In classrooms and at social and cultural events, polytechnics are united in a common purpose – bringing out the best in students, faculty and staff by welcoming their unique and diverse contributions to the larger community.  Learn more