Research & Innovation

Business Partnerships

Leveraging Innovation Know-how

Polytechnics are innovation intermediaries that serve organizations of all sizes and from all industrial and social sectors.  They provide support in diverse areas, contributing to growth, allowing for experimentation, solving on-the-ground challenges and nurturing new ideas.  Applied research can be the boost partners need to realize greater efficiencies, reduce costs and enter new markets.  While organizations of all sizes stand to benefit, small- and mid-sized firms are particularly well-served by having an innovation partner at the ready.  Polytechnics support business innovation with modern facilities, future-forward equipment and industry-relevant expertise, a combination that positions partners for long-term success.

Modern Facilities

To ensure institutions stand ready to serve their industry partners, polytechnics invest in research spaces that house world-leading technologies.  Facilities are developed to support partners in a range of applied research activity, including proof of concept, prototype development, field/lab testing and simulation, as well as business development and enhancement services.

Future-forward Technology & Equipment

New technology has the potential to drive growth and improve productivity.  However, technology adoption presents risks for business, including upfront costs, uncertain return on investment and concern about acceptance by the current workforce.  Polytechnic institutions de-risk new technologies for their applied research partners by exposing them to the practical application and impact of technology.  Polytechnics invest in the tools and equipment in use today, as well as cutting-edge equipment being adopted by global leaders.  By investing in both, industry partners can experiment with equipment currently available in their workplaces and make informed choices about new investments.

Industry-Relevant Expertise

Because of the industry-aligned nature of polytechnic education, institutions are home to staff and faculty made up of leading experts in their respective fields.  It is not uncommon for staff to cycle in and out of industry and it is equally common to see professionals in the field working as part-time instructors.  The result is faculty with an intimate understanding of the current pressures on and global opportunities available to firms.