Polytechnics & the Future of Work

Report after report on the future of work speaks to the skills that set humans apart, including dynamic problem-solving, teamwork and adaptability. The challenge is to develop the workforce we need today while empowering learners with the skills to succeed tomorrow. Canada’s polytechnics are ideally positioned to lead the charge. Among Canada’s post-secondary institutions, polytechnics have proven themselves to be adaptable, agile and well-connected to industry. They deliver up-to-date and in-demand skills across sectors and to all age groups. They support hands-on, applied and technology-enabled classroom and workplace learning. Best of all, they have the unique ability to pivot quickly as the ground shifts.

In this brief, learn how polytechnics are creating a work-ready talent pipeline that is prepared to take on the future of work, featuring:

  • Industry-responsive education
  • Industry-academic collaborative spaces
  • Mid-career retraining
  • Bridge training and advanced placement
  • Applied research