Polytechnic Applied Research: Building a Stronger Canada

Applied research refers to an exceptionally broad range of supports delivered in response to industry demand. Polytechnic institutions across Canada mobilize state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and expertise to deliver solutions for partners across industrial and social sectors, often with the help of student talent. As a result, institutions have a flexible and agile applied research infrastructure that adapts to the unique requirements of a partner and their project. In most cases, intellectual property is retained by the business partner, creating an environment that amplifies the incentive for creative engagement and supports ongoing collaboration.

In this brief, we highlight a number of the projects underway and expertise available at our member institutions. Together, they showcase:

  • How applied research supports business development, leveraging innovation know-how to drive business performance
  • How applied research contributes to social development by leveraging innovation to improve life in Canada
  • How applied research is developing next-generation talent by leveraging innovation challenges