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Red River College Polytechnic

Campus Locations

Notre Dame
2055 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0J9

Exchange District
160 Princess St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K9

Stevenson (Airport)
2280 Saskatchewan Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
R3J 3Y9

Interlake and Peguis – Fisher River
825 Manitoba Ave.
Selkirk, MB
R1A 2B3

Portage la Prairie
32 – 5th Street SE
Portage la Prairie, MB
R1N 1J2

Unit #2 – 385 Loewen Blvd
Steinbach, MB
R5G 0B3

Stevenson (Southport)
75 Musketeer Road West
Southport, MB
R0H 1N1

100 – 561 Main St.
Winkler, MB
R6W 1E8

Applied Research at RRC Polytech

Red River College Polytechnic is a Canadian leader in applied research and commercialization, providing industry partners with research support, technical services and training in areas that align with the institution’s expertise, resources and facilities. Areas of focus include:

Aerospace and Manufacturing

Culinary Research and Innovation

Vehicle Technology

Health and Social Sciences

Sustainable Infrastructure

Digital Technology

Applied research at RRC Polytech opens doors for small and medium-sized businesses in such sectors as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, culinary, green energy and vehicle technology, allowing them to access RRC Polytech’s research facilities and technology. They also provide a way for students to connect with and receive training from industry experts in their fields.

RRC Polytech is home to a number of research centres and labs, including:


Indigenized Courses support Reconciliation 

Polytechnics are working to build a stronger, more inclusive post-pandemic Canada.  With some groups experiencing greater barriers than others, our members are continuously adapting services, supports and programs to create equitable and inclusive places to study and work.

For example, Red River College Polytechnic is reviewing its programs with an Indigenous lens, including its Applied Commerce and Management Education (ACME) programs (subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing and human resources).  Programs are designed to give all students a deeper understanding of Canada’s relationship with its Indigenous peoples and Indigenous students greater access to culturally relevant content.  Indigenized courses will supplement regular curricula with Indigenous guest speakers and case studies that challenge learners to reflect on colonialism in Canada.

This effort is part of RRC Polytech’s move to strengthen its commitment to Truth and Reconciliation by embedding the TRC’s Calls to Action across programs and operations.  The ACME initiative aligns with Calls to Action 62 and 92, which focus on education and corporate action for reconciliation.  A broader commitment to this approach is evident in RRC Polytech’s new strategic plan.

To learn more about how polytechnics support Indigenous inclusion, read our publication.


Innovative Training Delivery for Growing Workforce Needs 

Workforce needs are constantly evolving, putting mounting pressure on Canadians to update their existing skills and adapt to the future of work.  Polytechnics work closely with industry to provide flexible, career-focused and results-driven education and training to learners of all ages.  Strong industry connections make it possible for polytechnics to respond quickly to workforce challenges with tailor-made solutions.

Red River College Polytechnic recently implemented several micro-credentials and short-burst training opportunities to address growing workforce needs:

  • Partnering with the Manitoba government, RRC Polytech will deliver a new micro-credential at no cost to train professionals on COVID-19 vaccine administration.  Individuals will contribute to the province’s ambitious immunization campaign, engage in skills labs and demonstrate their competency in the skills needed to deliver the vaccine safely 
  • RRC Polytech is helping the Manitoba government address workforce challenges in education by offering two condensed training programs, providing short-term training to substitute teachers and educational assistants 
  • To help train Canada’s largest food delivery network, RRC Polytech is partnering with SkipTheDishes to offer micro-credentials for the company’s current training facilitators, providing accredited skills to facilitators to train their operations teams 

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