Polytechnic Alumni Leaders & Problem Solvers

Polytechnic alumni are a powerful and diverse community – now more than 2.4 million strong – of successful innovators, creators and leaders. From improving healthcare to addressing climate change, they are confronting some of the biggest challenges across Canada and around the globe.

What makes polytechnic alumni so great? They have the skills and motivation to drive the future. They’ve received hands-on training on the latest technology in their fields, ensuring they have both the competence and confidence to hit the workforce at full speed. They established employer networks and gained relevant experience during their studies, propelling them to take the labour market by storm.

In this publication, we highlight just a few inspiring examples of polytechnic graduates who are tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time, including how they are:

• Building a healthier Canada
• Contributing to a net-zero future
• Growing the skilled trades workforce
• Showcasing international citizenship
• Strengthening Canada’s healthcare system
• Creating a more inclusive society