Polytechnics at Work

Canada’s 13 polytechnics are the post-secondary destination of more than 370,000 students each year, all of whom are looking for a pragmatic, industry-focused education that positions them for speedy entry into the labour market. This brief provides high-level, collective statistics gathered annually from our members.

Polytechnic Applied Research

Applied research is an important way that Canada’s polytechnics support small- and mid-sized businesses that lack internal R&D resources. This four-page brief includes annual statistics gathered from our member institutions and provides ideas for how to maximize the impact of applied research in Canada.

Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2023 Federal Budget

Key recommendations include:

  1. Enhance the capacity of Canada’s innovation intermediaries to boost performance within small- and
    medium-sized companies by investing $331 million over five years in the College and Community
    Innovation Program
  2. Renew support for experiential learning by making the Student Work Placement Program permanent
    and expanding eligibility to include post-secondary institutions and international students
  3. Strengthen awareness of and navigation to lifelong learning by ensuring Canadians have relevant labour
    market information on skills in demand, flexible financial supports to pursue training and guidance to
    available courses
  4. Relaunch a post-secondary infrastructure program that enables investments in green infrastructure,
    new technology and systems designed to develop a future-ready workforce