2021 – Finance Canada Pre-Budget Submission

Key recommendations include:

  1. Leverage applied research capacity at Canada’s polytechnics and colleges to deliver innovation and transformation support to the business community
  2. Empower Canadians to rapidly retrain and upskill by providing financial support and navigation to short-cycle training programs focused on career-relevant skills
  3. Relaunch the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, building in flexible project eligibility criteria to enable both new construction and green retrofits, the repurposing of existing buildings and digital learning transformations

Supporting Indigenous Inclusion at Canada’s Polytechnics

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action provide a roadmap to reconciliation and the revitalization of relationships between Canada, Canadians, and Indigenous Peoples and communities. Within the Calls to Action, education is a prominent theme.

Polytechnics recognize their role in the healing journey between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. While acknowledging they have much to learn on the path to reconciliation, these institutions have made an ongoing commitment to addressing the history and legacy of colonialism in education. This is a long-term commitment.

In this publication, learn how Canada’s polytechnics have attempted to reflect on and embed the diverse knowledge and culture of Indigenous Peoples in:

• Institutional frameworks & plans
• Campus spaces & symbols
• Pathways to post-secondary education
• Cultural supports on campus
• Partnerships with Indigenous communities
• Teaching & learning programs

Lexie Busby

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Coordinator, Alberta Emergency Management Agency

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