Read editorials and articles that we’ve submitted to national and regional media outlets across Canada. These feature a few of the ways Canadian polytechnics are contributing on topics of national interest.

Elder care reform must start with skills training

When it comes to tragedy, the human instinct is to assign blame. In the case of pandemic-induced deaths in Canada’s long-term care facilities, there are no end of culprits: governments for regulatory and oversight failures, owners and managers for poor employment practices, workers for abandoning their posts. Regardless of the direction the finger is pointing, the reality is that the senior population is growing, the cost of high-quality elder care is sky-rocketing and demographics dictate that the need for long-term care is here to stay.

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Polytechnic education critical to the frontline workforce

The important role of front-line workers has never been more apparent than over the last several weeks.

They include nurses and personal support workers, paramedics and other first responders, technology professionals and skilled tradespeople, and those working in advanced manufacturing or supplying us with food.

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Polytechnics and COVID-19

Since the outbreak began, polytechnics have responded – fast-tracking courses and expediting graduation for frontline healthcare workers, donating life-saving equipment to local hospitals and healthcare facilities, and supporting students’ mental and physical health. This page offers a snapshot of what Canada’s polytechnics are doing.

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How polytechnics can help Canada achieve its climate agenda

After more than a month of silence following the October federal election, the Liberal government finally mapped out its intended policy directions for Canada’s 43rd parliament. The Speech from the Throne and mandate letters to cabinet ministers both made clear that responding to climate change will be a defining priority of this government.

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Higher education’s next challenge: Mid-career workers

With a host of transformational challenges putting pressure on labour markets today, a line from Robert Atkinson and Jeffrey Brown’s latest paper struck me: “Nothing about the future of work is inevitable.” Their paper, The Future of Work: A Guide for TransAtlantic Policymakers, is intended to reaffirm that in the face of structural change, coming impacts can be mitigated through dedicated effort and smart policy.

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