Post-secondary institutions need to step up to prepare graduates

After nearly two years of business uncertainty and worldwide economic contraction, employers across sectors are talking about skill shortages again. Job vacancies are at an all-time high, only 22 months after millions of Canadians were sidelined by COVID.

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The evolving role of polytechnic institutions: Uniting agility and quality

Polytech institutions may have been left in the shadows but with the increasing need of non-degree education, their role is rapidly evolving. Communities are looking to these schools to help get them back into the workforce and fill the talent pipeline. In this interview, Sarah Watts-Rynard discusses how the role of polytech institutions has change, the movement of microcredentials and how polytechs can be valuable to their community and non-degree education space. 

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Approach to skills must be reinvented in post-pandemic Canada

The transition from education to workplace and beyond used to be relatively straightforward: high school, post-secondary, job market, promotions, management, retirement. In today’s environment, with new complexities related to technology, shifting global markets, a desire for work-life balance and the speed of change, skills require constant reinvention.

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