Practical innovation: Beyond COVID

For the last two years, Canadians—and indeed the world well beyond our borders—have been focused on COVID-19. Yet, even before the pandemic upended our everyday lives, Canada’s economy and labour market were undergoing a significant transformation. New technology, demographic shifts and industrial transformations were already affecting the supply and demand for talent.

Despite months of economic turmoil, today’s call for skilled workers is increasingly urgent. Businesses and governments recognize that today’s workers must bring a combination of talents to the table—technical skills, an innovation mindset and tremendous resilience to change.

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Applied research in post-pandemic Canada

Although Canada’s immediate priority is finishing the fight against COVID-19, we must not lose sight of the challenges on the horizon. An aging population will require new approaches to and solutions for healthcare. Achieving net-zero emissions to fight climate change will impact every sector of the economy. Indigenous reconciliation requires an intentional effort and the resources to support it. Layered across these issues, technological disruption is rampant in an increasingly digital world.

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