Infrastructure-ready talent key to recovery

In times of economic downturn, investing in infrastructure is often viewed as a way to stimulate the economy and expedite recovery. U.S. President Joe Biden just announced a $2-trillion infrastructure plan, in part to spur economic activity. Here in Canada, despite less-than-ideal progress on a 12-year, $188-billion Investing in Canada Plan, the truth is that economic and labour market recovery will depend in part on our ability to get building.

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Window of opportunity for feds to address healthcare deficits

Headlines across Canada and around the world continue to be filled with news of shutdowns, widespread economic chaos and the race to vaccinate.  Where we once defaulted to small talk about the weather, conversation has turned to daily case counts, ICU beds and vaccination statistics.  Health has become a national obsession, with all signs suggesting it will remain so until the pandemic fades into memory.

That’s why now is the right time to talk about – and invest in – the future of Canada’s healthcare system.

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